Trampoline was never heard of until Nissen decided to invent it in 1930. He was only a teenage gymnast at the time at which he collaborated with his coach and came up with the equipment by using tire inner tube and scrap steel together. This first invented trampoline was used in Nissen’s circus act in Iowa Hawkee. The handmade trampoline allowed him to bounce rig and make a somersault leap which no one in his time was able to do. It was only in the year 2000 that the trampoline was used in the Olympics. This was used in the men’s and women’s individual event. Eventually, trampolining became a worldwide recreation and sport and it is now a common fixture in many backyards.

If you are planning to buy a trampoline, expect to spend around $250 - $350 for the equipment. Many opt for this device since it is a good choice for low impact cardio fitness. Such effect is due to the fact that the trampoline’s surface moves together with the person as the person lands, lowering the landing impact. It is also good for your lymphatic functions and it promotes good coordination and balance.

Today, trampolines are also employed in many fitness programs. The act of rebounding can actually burn calories, thereby helps in losing weight. For instance, if you weigh 160 lbs., expect that you will burn around 7.2 calories every minute. This means that you will be losing 432 calories in an hour.

So, is trampoline good for workouts? Well, the fact that trampoline classes are surfacing in gyms only proves that it is effective in losing weight and keeping your body fit. It is far better than pavement-pounding since it is smoother on your joints. It also helps boost your cardio performance and it is much better compared to 33 minutes of running as per NASA’s research.

However, there are also downsides in using trampolines. One of them is the risk of injury that it poses to the user, especially to the children. If used without caution, it can cause fractures and sprains. Even potential serious injuries on the head or neck can happen while using this equipment. Hence, the Academy of Paediatrics discourages its use in homes.

If you inspect the trampoline’s materials, you will know that it is made of springs, tubing, safety pads and jumping mat. The tubing which comprises the legs and the frames is made of galvanized steel.

If you intend to use trampolines for weight loss, use this for 20 minutes and skip breakfast in the morning. After the intense routines, warm up and cool down by bouncing gently with your feet. The cooling down phase may take 3 minutes. For cardio workout, you can use small trampolines. These can easily be installed at home. However, never forget to consult your plan to use trampoline with your doctor before you start using this device and make sure that it is safe to use before you hop on it. Lastly, only invest for the best trampoline for 2018 for a maximized experience.

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